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ich hasse Lügen. schon traurig, wie man sich in Menschen täuschen kann. I should ... weiterlesen
11.9.08 16:03

and remember to kiss the sun, MY LOVE cause life is just too short to have not lived  ... weiterlesen
11.9.08 16:30

    I think he gave me something to live for I guess I helped him pass the time.  ... weiterlesen
12.9.08 16:03

This could break my heart or save me. Nothing's real until you let go completely. So here I go ... weiterlesen
13.9.08 12:01

And if I had to sum up this past weeks; I wasted days of it trying to impress you. I wasted... weiterlesen
13.9.08 14:50

wie sehr ich dich vermisse.  Lieg einfach so da und denke einfach nur nach Kann nicht vers... weiterlesen
17.9.08 21:54


Hug harder. Laugh louder. Smile bigger. Love longer.

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